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Fire Hose Couplings from Highwater Hose Inc.

Fire hose couplings are essential for connecting hoses to hydrants or individual hose lengths to one another. However, as with most tools utilized in firefighting scenarios, fire hose couplings are not a one size fits all proposition. The type of fire hose connections that are best will vary from one situation to the next. Different locking systems provide a range of ease of use and on the job durability. A variety of labeling options are available to match any firefighting application. Some couplings have male and female components, while others such as Storz are sexless coupling systems meaning that both ends of the hose are interchangeable. At Highwater Hose Inc., you can choose from a wide range of coupling offerings.

In addition, no matter which couplings you’re looking for and how many of them you need, you can rest assured that when you buy your couplings from Highwater Hose Inc., you’re purchasing the finest ones available. All of our couplings offer well-thought-out design to facilitate efficient use.

Here are some of the fire hose couplings available from Highwater Hose Inc.:

Wayout® Couplings

With Wayout® couplings, there’s never any doubt as to the direction of the water flow, thanks to recessed and reflective directional arrows on the female side. During nighttime firefighting, there are no issues with visibility, thanks to arrows that reflect even the lowest light. Plus, even after the roughest use, the recession of the arrows means that the reflective material won’t wear off or become damaged. With these helpful features, it’s easy to see why Wayout® couplings are intended to improve life safety.

iDENTIFY® Couplings

Identification markings are essential to the proper use of fire hose connections. That’s why iDENTiFY® couplings have a recessed identification zone to protect barcodes and other identifying information from abrasion damage. There’s color-coded identification as well, this makes it much easier to identify the hose during deployment and retrieval, and there’s never any need to color code the entire hose.

iREFLECT® Couplings

When there’s not a moment to lose in a high-pressure situation, iREFLECT® couplings are an invaluable component of your firefighting arsenal. As a Storz fire hose coupling system, there are no male or female parts; all of the couplings simply interlock with one another. For high visibility and simple identification, the lock lever is made of a highly reflective material. Additionally, iREFLECT® couplings are highly durable too, so if the coupling is dropped or banged, the locking mechanism won’t be compromised in any way.

The Merlug® and the Babylug™ Couplings

When forestry services needed a better and more reliable method for rapid deployment and recovery of fire hoses, we invented the patented Merlug® with an extended long lug that better facilitates the use of universal spanner wrenches.  Our patented Babylug™ is the only quick connect coupling in the industry for 5/8” and ¾” (16mm and19mm) forestry hose. Consequently we manufacture and are able to offer the only end-to-end Quick Connect (1⁄4 turn) System from 3⁄4” (19mm) through to 2 1⁄2” (63mm).

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