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From municipal to wildfires to snowmaking, no one has a more complete selection of hoses and couplings. No one.


Advanced Fire Hoses and Couplings

Firefighters know that in a high-pressure fire situation, it’s crucial to have the most technologically advanced fire hoses and couplings to get the job done. This means lives and property are saved, reduction of damage, and safety for all involved. For more than 35 years, Mercedes Textiles has worked tirelessly on developing innovative tools for firefighters that many consider to be among the best available today.

What Makes Our Firefighting Products Superior

At Mercedes, we know that fire hoses and couplings are not a one size fits all proposition. That’s why we manufacture fire hose products with different features for specific applications. No matter which hose and coupling you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a product that is lightweight and durable, deploys quickly, provides outstanding water flow, a hose that won’t kink, and packs easily. The materials used to create our fire hoses are engineered to the highest standards to yield a low-friction loss, resist elongation, and greater safety for the firefighting professionals using them.

The same high standards apply to the couplings we produce: every one reflects our commitment to safety and innovation in firefighting. Easy to read markings on each component indicate the direction of the exit. The Wayout® arrow and the indicators on couplings equipped with locking mechanisms (Storz and Cam Lock, Snowhose Couplings) are highly reflective and easily visible in low light situations that save the firefighting professional valuable seconds in a crisis situation.  The locking systems are made from the toughest materials, are quick and simple to engage, and remain securely in place.

The Mertex® Lining Process

What makes the fire hoses produced by Mercedes so advanced is our Mertex® Lining Process. This process takes place as the fire hoses are being fabricated — as the fabric jacket is actually being woven — and not after the hose is complete. As a result, the fire hose interior is smoother, water flows better, and the hose is both stronger and more flexible. Thanks to our Mertex® Lining Process, we can offer our customers the most durable and effective fire hoses on the market today.

The Hydro-Wick® Weeping Process

Mercedes is proud to offer our highly advanced Hydro-Wick® fire hoses, which was originally engineered and manufactured at the request of the Forest Services of North America. These innovative firefighting hoses were designed for heat-intensive fire applications. These self-protecting fire hoses use exposed yarns to wick some water out of the flow and to the outer surface of the hose. As a result, water pressure remains high and stable, clogging issues are virtually eliminated, and the fire hose is protected against the intense heat. For fighting forest fires and for use in other high heat scenarios, our self-protecting hoses using the Hydro-Wick® weeping process are among the safest and most advanced fire hoses in the industry today.



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