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The Importance of Having Your Building’s Standpipe and Fire Hose Inspected


Standpipe systems and fire hoses deliver essential fire protection backup for a building’s sprinkler system.  In case of a fire, tenants and occasionally fire fighters will use the fire hose and accessories stored on site to protect the edifice.  However, the fact that the building has a fire hose on site doesn’t guarantee your safety, should you ever need to protect yourself from a fire. Fire protection equipment must be regularly examined in order to ensure that all is in perfect working condition. Fire hoses are required to be serviced annually.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 and NFPA 1962 oversee the inspection and examination of standpipes and fire hoses, setting forth strict standards and guidelines for the maintenance, inspection, testing and use of a fire hose, hose couplings, and nozzles.

Inspection Requirements

Fire safety equipment must conform to a long list of regulations. Here is a summary of a few of the inspection and testing requirements to be carried out:

Monthly Visual Inspections

  • Locked and supervised valves, including tamper switches.

  •  Hose stations and cabinets: noticeably identified, free of obstacles, hose is positioned properly, all equipment is in place and ready for use. Cabinets should enclose only fire protection equipment.

  • Connection for the Fire department: appropriately identified signs, free of obstructions and protective caps are in position.

Annual Inspections

  •  Testing of the main drain.

  •  Hose, hose valves and other associated valves are tested.

  •  Inspection of hose connections, pressure regulating instruments, nozzles, racks and storage unit.

  • Your hose system should also undergo a full flow test every five years, in order to ensure that they work as designed.

Consider the Quality of Your Fire Hose

Fire safety is important- Take action and ensure that your building’s fire safety equipment is in order! Important tools that could be lifesaving should be well designed and dependable, installed and equipped with the proper couplings and attachments.

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